Beasty Beau (im)

October 2nd 2005, Sunday. Today Beau passed away at the emergency vet. We discovered Beau had become very thin and we noticed something was very wrong with his line parts. It seemed he had cancer in his  blatter / penis. An operation would be too risky in his condition so we decided with the vet to put him to sleep. I really hope Beau enjoyed his live with us, especially the last months when he walked free in our garden between our cats.

We will miss you very much and will keep you in our hearts forever.

June 2005:
May 2005:
April 2005: After we moved to Almere two years ago Beau got a big house outside in the garden. Enough space to move around I still got the idea he liked to explore the garden. Last month we tried it and he enjoyed it very much. Last week I suddenly got the idea to get Beau used to our 8 (!) cats. As a miracle it went fine immediately! Beau moves between the cats as if he were one too, he's very relaxed and the cats accept him without a problem. I hope this summer will be a great time for Beau.

We found Beau in the woods when we took a walk on November the 17th 2002. He was sitting next to our car and we could cuddle him easily.
We decided to take him with us as the winter was about to come and he would not have survived the cold if we had left him there. He was (is!) a beautiful guy and that's why we named him Beau. The probable reason that his former owners had left him there was that he was quite aggressive when people approached his cage. He was very protective towards his "property".

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