Lisa (im)
Born around the end of March 2005 Lisa joined our family at May 27, 2005 after looking in her eyes in a pet shop and falling in love with her...

Sunday November 12th: Lisa died today of the causes from myxomatosis (link). After a long struggle with her abcesses (which she almost cured from!) she caught myxomatosis. The vet believed we could get her trough it, we believed him. It was a hard time, sometimes we wondered if it was fair what we did to her but we kept on going. Today Lisa made the decision for us and said goodbuy out of her own.
Lisa was not vaccinated because of her bad health from the abcesses. Please if you have rabbits, let them vaccinate, myxomatosis is arwful and can't be beaten...

Rest in peace Lisa, we will miss you so much...

August 16th 2005: Lisa survived a severe eyeinfection. The vet thought first is was a pasteurella infection, but afterwards (she recovered totally) i think it was a scratch from one of the cats under her eye.
She still walk free in the garden when i'm home and she enjoys it a lot! I hope to introduce her soon to Amber so they can enjoy eachothers company.

June 2005: Lisa is able to walk outside of her cage between the cats at home in the evening. Rick and I adore her so much we decided she stays to live inside with us for a while instead of letting her live with Beau :-)
May 28, 2005: Lisa's second day at our home. She's a cheerfull happy little girl who's easy to handle and all the attention from the cats ignores :-)

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