GC. Macavity Gatsby Macavity Calypso
CH.Spitzacker's Pancho of Cheesapeake's Mama-Walker ‘s Bal-Astra
IC Mt.Kathadin's Kane Mainz Coon's Cleo Mainz Coon’s Missouri
Seascape Emily
Degoonacoon’s Suquamish Bay MtKittery Carbonero
Gentle Giants' Divine Degoonacoon Madagascat Bay
Degoonacoon Pejebscot Bay Degoonacoon Marquoit Bay
Capecoon Harraseeket
Cooncreole Cajun Cowboy Cooncreole Zydeco
Coonyham Sheridan Cowtown Once in a blue moon
Mount Bigelow’s Hail Mary Saintclouds Cheyenne Willowplace Starbuck
Saintclouds Burnt Sugar
Ryanplace Shacado McInkats Headed for the Future
Wynhaven Yelena of Mount Bigelow's Ryanplace Rorschach
Charmalot Patchwork Princess Charmalot Sir Galahad
Whistat Dixie Belle